Sunday, November 6, 2011

Featured Product: Alpaca Sampler

Featured Product
Sunday, Nov 6-Saturday, Nov 12, 2011
10% off, this week only

Alpaca is a wonderful fiber!  It is soft, silky, and even warmer than wool!!  It takes a little more twist than wool to hold it together, and it doesn't have the elasticity of wool, (One of my friends call this 'sproing'! =) ), but it can still be used for a number of handmade items.

This item is a small ampler of different colors of alpaca, and you will find that they each have a slightly different quality.  One reason I am offering this item is because not all alpaca is the same.  It has different grades to it, just as wool does.  One fairly simple factor that can affect the quality of the fiber is the age of the animal.  It is my hope that by having the opportunity to handle these samples of alpaca, a spinner, especially a new spinner, will be able to learn a little more about the fiber, and it's characteristics and qualities.

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