Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Product of the Week: Hand Stamped Note Cards

Today we'll take a closer look at our Note Cards.  Most of us appreciate the ease and convenience of our electronic age, and maybe it's our daily use of it that makes receiving a card in the mail a special treat.  These cards are made without a specific event in mind and are blank inside.  They are great for sending a little message to someone just to let them know you care, or for including a personal greeting with a special gift.  The styles of our cards vary, mainly because most of them are made by two girls who vary widely in personality.  But that just means we "have it all covered".  From western to 'girly girl', and everything in between, you are sure to find a design that will meet your needs.

Although we occasionaly use stamps from other companies that have an Angel Policy, most of our cards are made with stamps, papers and inks from Stampin' Up!.  Each one is unique and individually stamped, colored and embellished. Although we do not plan to remake any of the designs, some stamps and elements are favorites so they will show up  often.  If there is a design you really want and it has been sold, please contact us to special order a repeat of that card.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Product of the Week: Mother-of-Pearl Stitch Markers

This is the first of a weekly post featuring one of our products.  Today I will tell you a little about our Mother-of-Pearl Stitch Markers.  I know that some people think this shell is greatly over done, as well as being boring, but I like it.  We have used these beads, partnered with a glass dangle on the beginning-of-round marker and accented with gold beads, to make a basic set of stitch markers.  They are simple, but I think they are also elegant.  This picture shows a blue dangle but you'll find a drop down menu showing other colors available when you order.  These are going to be the standard set of markers that we will carry on a regular basis.

Mother-of-Pearl Stitch markers showing a blue glass dangle for the beginning-of-round marker.