Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And a little Destruction.....

We have been very busy around here preparing to open our doors.  A big part of entering this adventure has been making sure we have the right equipment to do the job.  The banes of a spinners existence are second cuts and VM.  Second cuts are........ I think that might have to be another page here, a glossary or something, since I feel a need to explain some of these terms but don't have room in this post.  =)   I'll have to work on that....another time.  Anyway, VM is the grass hay and etc that winds up in the wool and is too tedious to pull out by hand.  So this wonderful piece of equipment was invented to work the fibers loose and allow the VM to fall out.  It is called a picker, and ours arrived last week.  Here it is in action even.

This is making the preparation of wool go much faster.  It really is a necessity for anyone who is preparing raw wool.

Great to have the equipment, but if you don't have a place to put it.........
So there has been a little Destruction going on in order to make room for our operation.
We have an old fifth wheel camper that has been sitting in our yard and being used for 'put it in the camper, for now' storage.  We are cleaning it up, pulling out a bunch of it's trimmings and repurposing it as the studio.

This is one view from inside the camper.  Lots of stuff, most of which just needed to be eliminated.  It had been so long since it was put out there, and we hadn't used it.  Most of it was put there just because I didn't want to deal with making the decision about what to do with it.

Here is the same view once we had cleaned some stuff out and begun removing camper fixtures.  Some of the cupboards/closets will stay and have shelving added, but most of the smaller cupboards, the kitchen counter unit, stove, sink, refrigerator, and etc. is being removed.

It is a little chaotic being in the midst of so many parts of this project at once, but things should settle down in a couple of weeks.  Once this is ready to be the studio, organization will be much easier, and we won't feel so bogged down.

I'm really looking forward to going out there to work, and keeping daily home life a little separate from the business things.  Especially since that means the kitchen table will not be loaded up with wool and everything anymore.  Well......at least not as much or as often as it is now!  =))

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