Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Look...a New Store Site...and Product of the Week!

I had to make some major business decisions lately.

Due to an inability to contact my web host, for 5 months (!), I've decided to make some changes to the presence of Shepherd's Song Creations on the web.

As you can see, this blog is still here!!  Do you like the new look?  I decided to make it 'cleaner', and have the graphics for all my web pages/sites match.

There will still be a  I'm in the process of changing hosts for that site, making it an information site only, at this point.  All product sales have been moved to an Artfire Studio.  You can find that at

And now.....for a Product of the Week!

For the week of September 4 I am highlighting one of the fiber blends I had a lot of fun making.

Whipped Cream Blended Roving (app 2oz), is a hand pulled roving of lovely wool, alpaca and mohair.  The wool is a mystery breed, my source didn't know what it was, but I'm sure if it's not Merino, it's a Merino Type.  That basically means it is such a soft wool that it could be 'mistaken' for Merino, and is just as luscious!

I aquired each of these fibers as raw fleece, cleaning and processing them myself.  They were washed with Kookaburra Wool Scour,  (Only a little drop was used for the delicate alpaca and mohair!), then rinsed and dried.  I hand combed each fiber individually, then I layered each of the fibers on the hackle, starting with the wool, then the alpaca, then the mohair.  I pulled this through the diz, then wound it up into balls!  So far I've managed to resist spinning this one up myself! =)

For the week of September 4-10, 2011, this product will be on sale for 10% off the regular price.  No coupon necessary!  The sale price will show on Artfire.

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you have a great day!!

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