Monday, November 1, 2010

Product of the Week: Mother-of-Pearl Stitch Markers

This is the first of a weekly post featuring one of our products.  Today I will tell you a little about our Mother-of-Pearl Stitch Markers.  I know that some people think this shell is greatly over done, as well as being boring, but I like it.  We have used these beads, partnered with a glass dangle on the beginning-of-round marker and accented with gold beads, to make a basic set of stitch markers.  They are simple, but I think they are also elegant.  This picture shows a blue dangle but you'll find a drop down menu showing other colors available when you order.  These are going to be the standard set of markers that we will carry on a regular basis.

Mother-of-Pearl Stitch markers showing a blue glass dangle for the beginning-of-round marker.

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